Weigh in

Now I haven’t posted for two weeks, but I do have some good news I have lost 1 lb during these past two weeks, even though it doesn’t seem a lot in the grand scheme of things I feel a hell of a lot more toned and slimmer.

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picture of me

Especially, after this weekend I thought I would have at least put on about 5 lbs due to the fact I went away at the weekend to Edinburgh. I am not going to lie A LOT of alcohol and food was consumed within those three days. No regrets though and luckily I stayed the same, which I am very, very pleased about. However, I did try and plan ahead and syns were always in the back of head, for instance; we decided to have a Chinese on the Friday night and I already knew the syns for some of the dishes so I tried to see what I could have but obviously still enjoy myself e.g.

  • Chicken and black bean sauce- 7.5 syns,
  • Noodles- free
  • 5 prawn crackers- 1.5 syns

I never have takeaways so I didn’t want to ruin it by worrying about everything I was putting in my mouth.

Not only this, I have made a deal with myself to start running (I have made this promise about ten times since new year) This is like my lent but I have decided not to give up anything but instead try and run at least half an hour three days a week. I really do think this will help me aid my weight loss. I do a lot of exercise anyways but the work outs I normally tend to do help tone and aid more muscle density. So, over the next week until weigh in, I am going to try and run to see how much difference it makes compared to my normal work out routine.

I have nothing getting in my way over the next week so I am going to try my very best to stick to plan and get at least 2 lbs off. As long, as it’s a loss I honestly do not mind but it will be good to see a good chunk off the scales next week.




Sweets Galore!

Now, I love sweets and I especially love settling down with a bag of Haribo on a Friday or Saturday night with a film. I didn’t realise this but Haribos are 4.5 syns per 25g and when I say I sit down with a bag of Haribo, I mean the huge sharer bag all to myself. I couldn’t even count how many syns that is.

I told my consultant at my Slimming World group that sweets are probably my biggest downfall and she mentioned that Slimming World have their own kind of Haribo. So I thought I would give it a go.

And it’s really quite simple

All you need is;

  • two sachets of jelly
  • two sachets of gelatine
  • 1 Muller light yogurt
  • Silicone molds


Add one jelly sachet and one gelatine sachet to 190 ml of boiling water and mix until dissolved

Fill up your molds half way with the mixture

Put the half filled molds in the fridge for around 10-15 minutes to set

Make up the same mixture again, but this time add the Muller light to the mix and stir together

Pour this mixture on top of the set jelly and put back into the fridge

AND there you go, your very own homemade haribo sweets. And this amount made will altogether come to three syns! GOOD RIGHT! 

I have to admit though, they haven’t got anything on the real deal. 


Weekly weigh in



Definitely pleased with this weeks result! I feel a lot trimmer as well because I have exercised mostly everyday this week and I feel a lot more confident with myself.

I have made a lot of changes this week within my diet, I’ve made sure I had at least over half of my plate full of different speed foods to feel me up which I think has also helped with bloating as I am eating a lot less pasta,  couscous and rice which I think is my down fall.

Additionally, I have tried new recipes from Slimming World’s menu including; coronation chicken fillings which I used on jacket potatoes and on salad. I also tried the Slimming World haribo sweets (more like jelly) but were a good thing to try and test out.

Goals for the week 

More exercise, to make me feel more trim but also to help shift a couple more pounds. More speed food on the plate. Also, try my very, very best to limit my bread intake as I ate quite a bit last week which may not have helped me on the scales.


Weigh in

First week of slimming world done and I lost a total of 1/2 lb. I understand a lot of people who start and the expectations of your first week is to lose up to seven pounds but to be honest I am very pleased with my results. A loss is a loss at the end of the day and as long as you know what you can improve to create better results for next week then I don’t see why anyone should be disappointed with a small loss.

Weight loss is hard and it doesn’t happen over night. All I have to remember and anyone that is starting their own weight loss journey is that you’ve made the first step in beginning your journey and starting them changes to a healthier lifestyle.

This week I am going to keep on plan, I have nothing getting in the way (no nights out, no alcohol) so I am going to increase my speed food and make sure over half of my plate is full of different varieties of SP food. Not only this, I am going to drink more water, try and cut out juice all together (even though I don’t drink excessive amounts of it) but I just need to make sure I drink at least two liters a day .

Additionally, I want to get in as much exercise as possible. Last week lacked a lot as I wasn’t very well and I didn’t go to my weekly swimming class or trampolining class, so I am definitely going to make sure I get those sessions in this week to up my body magic.

I want to count this week as my first week, I have a clear plan ahead and know the dos and don’ts to get the results I want. If I really watch what I am eating and go to the exercise classes I have planned then there is nothing stopping me from losing up to six pounds.


Wish me luck 

Back to basic

So, I have had a very very very bad week. I’m not meaning physically but mentally. I have literally hit a brick wall today and I feel utterly horrendous about myself. Far from of how I have been feeling about myself lately.

I finally decided to weigh myself to see if any process has been made since I started my new year, new me health kick, and my oh my it was bad! I expected to have lost at least five pounds or so, due to the amount of exercise I have been doing as well as introducing different forms of exercise with swimming and trampolining. However, I have gained. Which I don’t understand at all, as I feel slimmer, exercise excessively and not only this I am fitting into smaller clothes. So I cannot fathom why the way I’m feeling isn’t coming across on the scales.

And I know people say your’re gaining muscles, muscle is more dense than fat. However, it is sad and disappointing when you look a certain way and feel good about yourself yet the scales don’t show this.

I had a breakdown for at at least half an hour. I keep getting told I look slimmer and how good I look but why isn’t this showing with numbers? I can even see the difference! Clothes that never fit before now do! SO I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY THE SCALES AREN’T SHOWING WHAT I FEEL LIKE. I have honestly never felt more disappointed in myself, I felt as if all the hard work and effort I have put in has been for nothing and that I am back to square one.

I knew there was one place I had to go back to and that was Slimming World. I wasn’t going before as the sessions I used to go to clashed with my work schedule. However, I found one a bit further away from the one down the road from me on Thursday mornings, which is perfect because I am normally on late shifts that day.

Walking into that group at first made me feel like a failure if I am completely honest, I was going back to where I began but I knew this was my new start and the fact I was getting weekly weigh ins would help me put my diet more into perspective and see what I can do to improve


  • less snacking
  • smaller portions
  • more speed foods

I’m going to post my weekly food diary now for the next month and give you my weigh ins each week. I just hope that the daunting fact of being weighed each week will make me kick my food intake down a notch.



So tonight I took on a different type of exercise in the form of trampolining! 

I didn’t really look into to be truthful. My auntie mentioned flippantly in a conversation last week and I thought I might as well give it a try but I was expecting much from it.

Infinite Air is an indoor trampoline park located in my local area, which hosts exercise classes on the trampolines but as well as it’s own gym. SO…. the class was £5 (six pounds if you don’t have their personalized socks, but you get to keep them) Now there were three things I was mainly concerned about when attending this class;

1. The only trampolining I have ever done in my life is bouncing on our small netted one in the back garden and I probably haven’t used that in about nine years!

2. I have a bladder of a 80 year old woman, and I was genuinely worried I would wet myself or having to leave the class every five minutes to go to the toilet

3. I have a lot of bum and a handful of boobs and when your jumping up and down, you don’t know where them bits and bobs could fly off too

So keeping this in mind, I put on the tightest sports bra I had, made sure I went to the toilet at least four times before leaving and one last minute trip before the class so I don’t end up wetting myself. Not only this, prepare for the sheer embarrassment I will be making of myself.

After the initial few bounces I really started to get into it. I managed to do some tuck jumps, pike jumps and even took my chances by doing a seat drop! There were around 20 attending the class, some advance and some beginners, so you weren’t alone if you had to sit down for a rest or thought you were the only one making a tit out yourself.

It was honestly brilliant! If you have ever been to a spinning class you know that you basically move to the music and do different speeds to the songs. So for instance; we did some running on the spot to fast music and then went into tuck jumps or twists to the next verse.

It is definitely a good workout, you get very sweaty as you are constantly on the go and get very little rest for the 40 minutes you are workingout. Additionally, you are continuously working your thighs, abdominal muscles and bum throughout the whole process, so if these are your target areas then I would for sure go! (We were told our core would be very tight throughout the next couple days, so thats good!)






Infinite Air info;
Coretech (Sports) Ltd t/a Infinite Air, Belmont Industrial Estate, Durham, DH1 1GG
0333 344 2220

Monday Workout

Anyone looking for a quick 30-40 minute workout, this one will really test you! Try your your best to do the full amount of reps without any rest.

100- kettlebell swings

90- bent over rows

80- tricep dips

70- mountain climbers

60- sit ups

50- ball slams

40- press ups

30- box jumps

20- leg raises

10- burpees